Written Services

Freelance Content

Freelance content writing, such as the type that is displayed in the blog section, is an available option for your website, blog, publication or social media platforms.

Written content can be tailored to the topic of your choosing and will be well researched individually if required, or alternatively style and content guidelines are welcomed to be provided depending on the context of your articles.

Freelance content may also extend to interviews, editorials, news pieces, guides, personal highlights, conversational pieces or even poetry.

The general base price for content writing will be 26c per word. Exclusive publication rights will incur an extra fee. Base price negotiable depending on length and type of content. Please feel free to contact me for more details or to make an obligation-free enquiry.

Proof Reading

One thing I pride myself on in all walks of life is my attention to detail. Second to that are my language skills. Having passed Year 12 English Language with an A+ average score, and shown imaginative and writing talent since a young age – reading and writing come as a second nature to me, and correction is something I can do very well and accurately.

For a flat fee of $350, I am happy to provide a proof-read edit of any document or literary work, including notes, for up to five drafts. Extra fees will apply beyond 5 drafts at a negotiated rate.


Editing services – which differ from proof reading (which the writer provides detail of tone, message and overall feel) – will ask an editor to perform omissions, additions and opinions/notes on a piece up to 3,000 words. This is a handy option if you need something submitted to a publication and require a second opinion before sending off. A $90 fee applies for this service per draft. This is negotiable depending on the satisfaction of the service and the amount of further editing required after first draft.