Navigating the COVID-19 Reality

In our new reality post-COVID-19, it’s easy to get lost in the torrents of information being spewed out from the news and media platforms daily. Figures, graphs, charts, new lingo like “flatten the curve,” and “social distancing;” but one thing that hasn’t yet been spoken about in any great depth is people’s reactions with their devices.

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When Justice Isn’t a Celebration

Today, following a scathing report by ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) journalists on the 4 Corners program aired on Monday, February 17th, Headmaster Stephen Russell – of Melbourne’s prestigious boys’ school St. Kevin’s College – resigned. He resigned full of disgrace following a blatant cover-up of a complaint involving a staff member grooming a young student.

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Welcome Back!

After a bit of a hiatus, we are back on track with a brand new website hosted on WordPress and a huge range of new services provided. I haven’t been overly busy on the creative front over the past couple…

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Melting Pot’s Feature Artist – February 2017: Greg Steps

After a relocation from Brisbane, and a long time honing his singer/songwriter skills through the open mic scene of Melbourne, we spoke to Greg Steps about inspiration, influence and lemon trees in the lead up to the launch of his…

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Reasons Why We Need ’13 Reasons Why’

Australian actor Katherine Langford has taken on a challenging, yet necessary role, in playing Hannah Baker in the Netflix hit show ’13 Reasons Why,’ a character who has already committed suicide citing constant bullying and harassment from her High School…

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Melting Pot’s Feature Artist – December 2016: Domini Forster

Following the success of Australia-wide tours alongside one of Australia’s biggest singer/songwriter names, Byron Bay native – now Melbourne-based – pop/folk songwriter, Domini Forster, gears up for the release of her very first full-length album in early 2017.

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Trump and the Failure of Society

In the early hours of the morning – American time – on the 9th of November, 2016, society failed.

Society failed and entrusted the most powerful economy in the world to a man whose entire campaign was fixated on the idea of fear.

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The Wealth in Creativity

I was somewhat shocked to receive such belittling and insulting comments in my personal Facebook inbox lately, from someone whom I’d previously respected in the sector of local, independent music. After his offering of slander and what I pretty much…

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Play Like a Girl; Paid Like an Amateur

There’s been a question rattling through my head of recent times, following the announcement of the women’s national AFL competition, and the inaugural Women’s Big Bash League in the past 12 months. That question is merely, why do we not…

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Double Standards for Umpires

The general football population expects umpires to be perfect. On the one hand, I see this as a compliment; that perfection is within reach. If the level of officiating was consistently lower than the expected level, then expectations would be altered to reflect this. However, the expectation is still that there will be so few mistakes in a game, that those mistakes can be individually discussed (and often criticised).

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