Similar to the value offered with live sound production, I’ve also undertaken the point of view that a budget-conscious musician may not be able to afford quality studio hire fees and time. Therefore, I’ve invested in a completely portable setup which can be used in any room in the house, and even come to you for an extra fee.

Using the Behringer X-Air 18 console, all audio signals are sent to a laptop, tablet or smartphone wirelessly to be controlled by the device, which then acts as the mixing desk. This allows full portability of the system to suit your recording needs.

$130 for anywhere up to 5 songs mixed and recorded
$300 for 5+songs, uncapped
Studio setup comes to you for an extra $100
Mastering is not offered, but references can be provided

Examples from the recordings of Charlie Connor from 2019:

Retro Specs in Retrospect
Little Larry and His Toys

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