This is Recovery: Published at the OC87 Recovery Diaries

Below is an excerpt of my very first published article, thanks to the legends over at the OC87 Recovery Diaries. It’s a bit confronting, but hopefully also useful for anyone who’s experienced something similar. You can read the full story by clicking the ‘read more’ link at the bottom. Yep, I’m depressed. And it isn’tContinue reading “This is Recovery: Published at the OC87 Recovery Diaries”

25 Day Song Challenge – Now on YouTube!

Relive my 25 Day Song Challenge by subscribing to my YouTube channel! I’ll be re-publishing the 25 Day song challenge – day by day – that was recorded across June and July this year in support of Mental Health awareness and suicide prevention during this very weird time. The original challenge was featured on bothContinue reading “25 Day Song Challenge – Now on YouTube!”