Adelaide Sound Engineering

Don’t forget if you need an affordable sound engineer, or you’re caught in a pinch without one, I can provide you with a budget option for up to 5 acts per night over 5 hours for a flat fee of just $115! I will also be able to provide disinfectant wipes for microphones and leadsContinue reading “Adelaide Sound Engineering”

Melting Pot’s Feature Artist – February 2017: Greg Steps

After a relocation from Brisbane, and a long time honing his singer/songwriter skills through the open mic scene of Melbourne, we spoke to Greg Steps about inspiration, influence and lemon trees in the lead up to the launch of his upcoming EP, ‘The Overland’, accompanied by his band – The Not for Prophets – which is taking place onContinue reading “Melting Pot’s Feature Artist – February 2017: Greg Steps”

The Wealth in Creativity

I was somewhat shocked to receive such belittling and insulting comments in my personal Facebook inbox lately, from someone whom I’d previously respected in the sector of local, independent music. After his offering of slander and what I pretty much have taken as “stop making music because you are not good enough,” this person hasContinue reading “The Wealth in Creativity”

Review: Elise Cabret – ‘The Wrong Side of Blue’ EP

We’re positioned almost in a past world through the sunken imagery this EP possesses. To a place of falling brown leaves, the emergence of fog and a quiet, empty street with lone figures lurking; the green tinge of old-fashioned lamp posts around a well-worn walking path, devoid of anyone but Cabrét