The Wealth in Creativity

I was somewhat shocked to receive such belittling and insulting comments in my personal Facebook inbox lately, from someone whom I’d previously respected in the sector of local, independent music. After his offering of slander and what I pretty much have taken as “stop making music because you are not good enough,” this person hasContinue reading “The Wealth in Creativity”

Play Like a Girl; Paid Like an Amateur

There’s been a question rattling through my head of recent times, following the announcement of the women’s national AFL competition, and the inaugural Women’s Big Bash League in the past 12 months. That question is merely, why do we not pay as much attention to valid forms of female professional sport? Curiously, that question extendsContinue reading “Play Like a Girl; Paid Like an Amateur”

Double Standards for Umpires

The general football population expects umpires to be perfect. On the one hand, I see this as a compliment; that perfection is within reach. If the level of officiating was consistently lower than the expected level, then expectations would be altered to reflect this. However, the expectation is still that there will be so few mistakes in a game, that those mistakes can be individually discussed (and often criticised).

The Myth of the ‘Entry-Level’ Position

Countless times have I personally been lured by the attraction of an ‘entry-level position’ in the mental health, support & community services fields, only to either find that somewhere else within the application, I’m to have 3-5 years of similar experience to be considered for this ‘entry level’ role

Review: Elise Cabret – ‘The Wrong Side of Blue’ EP

We’re positioned almost in a past world through the sunken imagery this EP possesses. To a place of falling brown leaves, the emergence of fog and a quiet, empty street with lone figures lurking; the green tinge of old-fashioned lamp posts around a well-worn walking path, devoid of anyone but Cabrét

Mental Health: A National Priority

The fact of the matter is, that even though Australians are a very accepting bunch, and we have come leaps and bounds in the treatment and care of those diagnosed with a mental illness, we are still at a cultural crossroads where the provision of care for these people is still considered to be a ‘weakness’