This is Recovery: Published at the OC87 Recovery Diaries

Below is an excerpt of my very first published article, thanks to the legends over at the OC87 Recovery Diaries. It’s a bit confronting, but hopefully also useful for anyone who’s experienced something similar. You can read the full story by clicking the ‘read more’ link at the bottom. Yep, I’m depressed. And it isn’tContinue reading “This is Recovery: Published at the OC87 Recovery Diaries”

Adelaide Sound Engineering

Don’t forget if you need an affordable sound engineer, or you’re caught in a pinch without one, I can provide you with a budget option for up to 5 acts per night over 5 hours for a flat fee of just $115! I will also be able to provide disinfectant wipes for microphones and leadsContinue reading “Adelaide Sound Engineering”

25 Day Song Challenge – Now on YouTube!

Relive my 25 Day Song Challenge by subscribing to my YouTube channel! I’ll be re-publishing the 25 Day song challenge – day by day – that was recorded across June and July this year in support of Mental Health awareness and suicide prevention during this very weird time. The original challenge was featured on bothContinue reading “25 Day Song Challenge – Now on YouTube!”

Navigating the COVID-19 Reality

In our new reality post-COVID-19, it’s easy to get lost in the torrents of information being spewed out from the news and media platforms daily. Figures, graphs, charts, new lingo like “flatten the curve,” and “social distancing;” but one thing that hasn’t yet been spoken about in any great depth is people’s reactions with their devices.

When Justice Isn’t a Celebration

Today, following a scathing report by ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) journalists on the 4 Corners program aired on Monday, February 17th, Headmaster Stephen Russell – of Melbourne’s prestigious boys’ school St. Kevin’s College – resigned. He resigned full of disgrace following a blatant cover-up of a complaint involving a staff member grooming a young student.

Melting Pot’s Feature Artist – February 2017: Greg Steps

After a relocation from Brisbane, and a long time honing his singer/songwriter skills through the open mic scene of Melbourne, we spoke to Greg Steps about inspiration, influence and lemon trees in the lead up to the launch of his upcoming EP, ‘The Overland’, accompanied by his band – The Not for Prophets – which is taking place onContinue reading “Melting Pot’s Feature Artist – February 2017: Greg Steps”

Reasons Why We Need ’13 Reasons Why’

Australian actor Katherine Langford has taken on a challenging, yet necessary role, in playing Hannah Baker in the Netflix hit show ’13 Reasons Why,’ a character who has already committed suicide citing constant bullying and harassment from her High School colleagues, and releasing 13 ‘tapes’ to the perpetrators to explain her actions as her partingContinue reading “Reasons Why We Need ’13 Reasons Why’”