SINGLE RELEASE: ‘Flatlining (We Rely On Instinct)’

The debut single off Josh Forner’s upcoming EP will be released to the public on April 24th.

“Born from a confusing and abrupt breakup, ‘Flatlining (We Rely On Instinct)’ takes an old song idea and blends it with a new experience. This is the lead single and first track off the upcoming EP, ‘Flatlining,’ and sets the tone for the raw, uncomplicated and minimalist approach to the production of this collection of five songs.

I’ve opted to use only simplistic electric guitar and produced vocals for the entire EP to invigorate the raw, solo experience one might get from attending a live show. With a full-length album also in production, I will be focusing the bigger ‘band’ type sounds for that record.”

The single will be released online accompanied by a music video here on and on Josh’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

For those who would like early access to the EP tracks, and the single & video release, they are available exclusively on Patreon – with subscriptions starting for as little as $6/month!

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