Trump and the Failure of Society

In the early hours of the morning – American time – on the 9th of November, 2016, society failed.

Society failed and entrusted the most powerful economy in the world to a man whose entire campaign was fixated on the idea of fear.

Fear of people who are ‘different’ to the lowest common denominator. Fear of people who do vow to change society’s views and stretch our entrenched fabric. Yet that is the exact thing he has brainwashed his followers in to believing he will do, whilst he closes the opportunities for everyone else.

My deepest fear with Trump isn’t what he might say – although that is a problem in itself; it isn’t who he will segregate – although that is a problem in itself; it isn’t about who will get left behind, who will be worse-off, which country he will antagonise – although all of these things are problems in themselves.

No, my biggest fear, is how his supporters will react when he can’t do the things he has told them he is going to do.

There are many extreme policies in a proposed Donald Trump presidency, the most famous ones we know – building the wall between Mexico and the USA; ousting all Muslims and banning them from entering the USA; removing trade arrangements with China – and many of these policies were proven to be unpopular within his own party. So we wonder precisely just how much control he will have, given the division that exists within his own standing members.

And the followers, they aren’t a group of people that I want to see get angry. The litany of uneducated, free-wheeling bigots that Trump spoke to with aplomb is outstanding. He has forced people out of political hibernation, who had never voted before and probably planned to never vote in their lives, because of the measured and diplomatic speak and tone of politicians.

Up steps Candidate Trump with his blatant racism, misogyny, and disregard for decency. A loose cannon ready to fire no matter where he’s aiming. BOOM! Black America; BOOM! LGBTIQ; BOOM! Latinos; BOOM! Women.

The other fear that strikes me is with America itself. The fact that they couldn’t bear the idea of a female president.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t endorse Hillary Clinton as a candidate in the first place, but it is who we had, and it is who was expected to lead the charge and come out victorious for the good of humanity on Wednesday.

America couldn’t handle it.

They think they have voted for progress – they have voted for regress. A return to the height of fascism for the so called ‘Greatest Place on Earth,’ I tell you what, it was a much greater place on Tuesday evening.

The political thought bubble in the United States of America is flabbergasting to an outsider. It is a land that believes universal healthcare is the only step you need to take to be labelled as a communist nation, yet the right to owning a gun and being able to fire it at will is something that is sacrosanct and should never be removed from the rights of the people.

I would like to say that I am surprised, but quite frankly I am not. Having spent some of my formative years living in this country, and having close family still living there today, I am privy to exactly what the psyche of much of the population is, and how little they actually know how to think for themselves.

My fear is that America has voted for Progress and for a state of ‘Revolution,’ yet both progressiveness and revolution are dirty words on the right side of politics, and I’m sure the Republican Party would not stand for these types of labels.

Donald Trump’s only interest in this election, in this position, in gaining the title of President, is entitlement for the entitled. The poor middle and upper-class white man is finally seeing things shift to an equilibrium (I said shift – there’s a bloody long way before it gets anywhere near there!) after centuries of domination and having the world at his feet, and he feels he is entitled to his entitlement.

Trump will govern for Trump. He is a billionaire businessman with his own interests at heart. He’s certainly not Richard Branson, whom if elected I would have no doubt would do a sterling job as he displays the qualities of compassion, empathy and resolve with his fellow man. Donald Trump identifies with a certain type of person, but he certainly doesn’t feel for them, he doesn’t care for them, and he certainly isn’t going to defend them if it comes between him or the people.

It is clearly disparaging to me, and to many other decent folk, that such a horrible man could become so powerful. A man with no morality, the stability of a see-saw and the rationale of a fascist.

America has elected the face of capitalism to try and take it to capitalism.

Can anyone else see how this isn’t going to work?

Society has failed. Failed to be a society. Failed to care about the lives of others and succeeded in confirming that being selfish is a human trait that no extent of evolution will ever absolve.

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